Berkshire West Diabetes Newsletter - September 2015

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  Online insulin safety module  

Diabetes on the Net has published an online insulin safety module.

If you are involved in the initiation or optimization of insulin as a practice nurse or GP, completing this module: contributes to your CPD.
It is also available on the diabetes website.

  Blood glucose test strip formulary  

An updated blood glucose test strip formulary is now available. First-line test strips in Type 2 diabetes patients using insulin or SUs should continue to use TRUEyou (using TRUEplus lancets) as their first-line test strips. Patients using TRUEresult strips can continue to use them or switch to TrueYou.

Aviva strips should only be prescribed for Type 1 diabetes patients who have attended a CarbAware course or DAFNE and are still carb counting. The updated formulary also includes a list of low cost 'budget strips' as alternatives for patients who don't get on with the TRUE range.

  Renal meeting - 13 October 2015  

Date: Tuesday 13 October 2015, 18:45 to 21:00. Buffet from 18:45.
Venue: The Hilton St Anne's Manor, London Road, Wokingham.

This is an evening meeting sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly. Speakers are:

  • Dr Ian Gallen, consultant community diabetes specialist (Diabetic nephropathy) and
  • Dr Nitin Bhandary, Renal consultant (Preventing the progression of diabetic kidney disease – a nephrologist's perspective).

Further details and the registration form are available here. 

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