Berkshire West Diabetes: The Insulin Optimisation Programme


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Special Edition
 11 September 2015

The Insulin Optimisation Programme
  Type 2 diabetes? On insulin? Raised HbA1c? Read on…  


As part of the ongoing drive to improve outcomes in diabetes, the Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have commissioned this programme to tackle patients with sub optimal HbA1c's.

The Insulin Optimisation Programme will be run jointly with GP practices and the BHFT Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse Team.

The programme is for patients with Type 2 diabetes who use insulin. It aims to re-educate patients in small groups, about the management of insulin and dose adjustment.

The programme is phased, initially based on these criteria:

  • Target group: Patients who are: T2DM, on insulin, age <75, HbA1c >85 and able to attend a group session
  • Numbers: Maximum of six patients per group per course.
  • Where: In the patient's GP surgery
  • When: As soon as a date is agreed with the community diabetes specialist nurse. 

The group session is two hours long and covers an understanding of insulin time action profiles and injection technique. The community diabetes specialist nurse will work with eligible patients to devise a personal plan of care as well as increasing their skills and confidence to self manage their diabetes.

This new commissioned activity has only just started and is already receiving excellent feedback from patients and healthcare professionals.

To get this programme running in your surgery please contact your BHFT community diabetes specialist nurse directly or ring them on their dedicated Healthcare Professionals (HCP) phoneline:

Phone line available Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pm

07879 814922

Claire Scott
For Newbury CCG practices               

Jane Pares
For North & West Reading CCG practices              
07879 641386

Angela Harding
For Wokingham CCG practices    
07887 632174

Daniel Edwards/Trudie Apprekoh
For South Reading CCG practices      
07789 395902

Team Lead – Claire Rowell  

Diabetes Specialist Nurse Hotline: 07879 814922 (Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm) Consultant Hotline: 07717 867448. Email:
Visit our website: