AMENDED Berkshire West Diabetes Newsletter - November 2015


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 November 2015
Monthly diabetes news for healthcare professionals and
others in Berkshire West
  Community diabetes services available to primary care in Berkshire West  
The following services are all available in Berkshire West - further information below. This information is also available in a printable format here.
   Update: 23 Oct 2015; 17.35. There was an error in the earlier version of this newsletter.  Amended newsletter below.


What is it? Aim Contact
X-PERT Group structured education for people with Type 2 diabetes. 6 week course in varied locations. X-PERT is NICE approved and has a strong evidence base for effectiveness. Offer to all new Type 2 patients. Information and referral forms are available here.
Coming soon to DXS.
(Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating)
Group structured education for people with Type 1 diabetes.
Intensive 1 week course. DAFNE is NICE approved and has a strong evidence base for effectiveness.
Offer to uncontrolled Type 1 patients. Information and referrals forms are available here. Coming soon to DXS.
CarbAware Short (3 hour) group structured education for people with Type 1 diabetes. Participants are provided with the Roche Expert meter.
Audit of local outcomes shows highly significant reductions in HbA1c at 6 months (10%).
Offer to uncontrolled Type 1 patients. Via Electronic referral (NHS E-referrals)
or email Dr Ian Gallen with details ian.gallen@
Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSNs) The DSN service offers telephone, email and face to face support and guidance for practice nurses, GPs and community matrons with difficult cases including insulin/GLP-1 initiation and optimization.
The DSNs see complex patients on a 121 basis in the:
• GP practice
• Patient's home if    

• Care/nursing homes
• Community hospitals
• GP run units
• Mental health units
Upskilling of HCPs and improved patient care. Call the DSN team
10am - 4pm
07879 814922.
Virtual diabetes clinic Community specialist Dr Ian Gallen provides expertise at MDT meetings in practices. Local audit shows this intervention is highly effective at reducing HbA1c. Help with poorly controlled patients (usually HbA1c>85). Email Dr Gallen to invite him into your practice

More details here.
Virtual consultation Both Dr Gallen and the DSNs provide rapid telephone and email support and advice to GPs and PNs. Expert advice. virtualdiabetes@
or call:
07717 867448 (Dr Gallen)

07879 814922 (DSNs).
Insulin optimisation service Group sessions run by a DSN with a practice nurse to improve control in Type 2 patients using insulin. Patients should have HbA1c >85mmol/mol, age <75 years. Optimisation of insulin use in uncontrolled Type 2 patients. Details here. Call the DSN team to arrange between 10.00-16.00: 07879 814922.
Care planning support Claire Scott provides support and guidance to make care planning a success in practice. Making care planning work. Contact Claire:
Community Diabetes Clinics Individualised single review and return to practice care of any patient with control or complication problems not provided by speciality services provided at RBH (below). Expert advice and care planning. virtualdiabetes@
07717 867448
(Dr Gallen).
Specialist diabetes clinics (RBH and other sites) Individualised review and follow-up of any patient diabetes complication or speciality services.
Young people, pregnancy, insulin pump, recent diabetes emergency, foot and renal care.
Expert advice and care planning. NHS e-referrals (previously Choose and book), or fax 0118 322881.
Diabetes Specialist Nurse Hotline: 07879 814922 (Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm) Consultant Hotline: 07717 867448. Email:
Visit our website: