Berkshire West Diabetes Newsletter - January 2016

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 January 2016
Monthly diabetes news for healthcare professionals and
others in Berkshire West
  Diabetes pathway is live on DXS  

You can now find the diabetes care pathway on DXS. There are four distinct pathways for four categories of patient: Newly diagnosed Type 2, failure to reach target HbA1c, complex and Type 1. All treatment guidelines and referral forms are on here, including X-PERT and CarbAware.

Diabetes DXS

  National Diabetes Prevention Programme  
  Berkshire has been accepted as a First Wave site.

The whole of Berkshire has been accepted by the National Diabetes Prevention Programme as a First Wave site (one of eight nationwide). There is no need to do anything now, but it means that over the next few months referrals for pre-diabetes can be offered a place on the NDPP programme. Watch this space.
  Referrals of people with diabetes for elective surgery  
  Patients referred for elective surgery must have an HbA1c of below 69.

New guidance on people with diabetes referred for surgery indicates that they must have an HbA1c of less than 69mmol/mol. If it is greater than that, the patient will be informed and surgery declined. More details about this will follow later. 
  Training courses  

Foundation course in diabetes, half day workshops 2016.

Foundation course
The popular foundation course in diabetes will be running on 10th March 2016. To book on the course email You can find a flyer on the events section on the website here.

Half-day diabetes workshops
‘Hot topics in diabetes’ are two identical morning workshops running on  4 February in Earley and 11 February in Padworth. These will cover topics such as:

  • Should we be using the new insulins? – the evidence
  • Use of existing and new GLP-1s
  • Using SGLT2s (eg dapagliflozin etc) – our evidence
  • Does your patient have T1, T2 or MODY?

To book on the course email . A flyer is available here on the events section of the website.


X-PERT referrals


From 1 February 2016 X-PERT referrals sent directly to the Diabetes Booking Office will no longer be accepted. Any referrals received after this date will be returned.

All X-PERT referrrals must be sent via the HUB at Wokingham Hospital - details below:
Phone: 0300 365 0400
Fax: 0300 365 1234

However, the 6,12 and 24 month data should still be sent directly to the Diabetes Booking Team, information below:
Post: Bookings Co-ordinators, Diabetes Centre, King Edward VII Hospital, St Leonard's Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 3DP.
Fax: 01753 636624

If you have any queries please contact the bookings co-ordinators on: 
01753 636370 / 01753 636631 / 01753 636751.

Diabetes Specialist Nurse Hotline: 07879 814922 (Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm) Consultant Hotline: 07717 867448. Email:
Visit our website: