Berkshire West Diabetes Newsletter - April 2016


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  April 2016
Monthly diabetes news for healthcare professionals and
others in Berkshire West
BEST 4 Diabetes Education Programme

Best 4 Diabetes is a fully funded bespoke modular education programme for primary care staff within Berkshire West. Each module is a stand-alone session so can be used to refresh knowledge or to learn something new.

The programme itself can be completed entirely or can be dipped in and out of.

All modules are taught in an interactive style by the multi-disciplinary diabetes team.

Places are strictly limited and must be pre booked, to book a place please e-mail: with your details and details of which module you would like to attend.

Below you will find the brief details of each module along with the date, time and venue.

Please note it is not possible to just turn up to any of the Best 4 Diabetes modules as these are not large scale events.

Best 4 Diabetes is fully commissioned therefore there is no cost to attendees.
This is an exciting new programme for further information or queries please contact

 You can also print the information about this programme here.

Content Time Facilitator
The Diabetic Foot This module will enable participants to:
  • Appreciate the impact of diabetic foot disease
  • Be aware of the diabetic foot related complications 
  • Be able to undertake basic screening of the foot
  • Be able to identify an  at risk foot
  • Be able to provide appropriate foot care advice.
  • Be aware of local referral pathways 
19 May 2016 

Room 1&2 West Berkshire Hospital

BHFT Podiatry Team
Insulin Optimisation
To attend this module you must provide evidence of attending an insulin initiation course in the past.
This module covers the intensification of insulin in patients failing to achieve control on simple regimens and twice-daily mixed regimens and the strategies for the management of poor control often with hypoglycaemia or weight gain.

This module will cover the management of acute hyperglycaemia and management of hypoglycaemia
9 June 2016
Room 1&2 West Berkshire Hospital
DSN Team 
Ian Gallen
Gestational Diabetes This module will cover the diagnosis and management of women developing diabetes during pregnancy and post natal care and the care of women with pre-existing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes during pregnancy. 21 July 2016
Room 1&2 West Berkshire Hospital  
Ian Gallen 
Diet and Exercise This module covers the dietary management of diabetes, with specific focus on carbohydrate counting, dietetic management of obesity and exercise recommendations. 15 September 2016

Room 1 & 2 West Berkshire Hospital
Alison Jones, Diabetes Specialist Dietician
Lifestyle Modification and behaviour change This module will look at supporting people to make changes and understanding the change process. 13 October 2016 TBC IAPT
Oral Therapies and GLP-1's This module will look at the complex web of diabetes medications, how they work and who they are suitable for. 17 November 2016

Room 1& 2 West Berkshire Hospital
Ian Gallen
Diabetes and Special groups of people. This module will look at strategies for management of diabetes in people who are dependent on a third party for their care, patients with psychiatric disease, residential and nursing home residents and people with dementia. 15 December 2016

Room 1 & 2 West Berkshire Hospital
Consultant Diabetologist & DSN Team
Neurological complications of diabetes The management and treatment of peripheral autonomic neuropathy in diabetes. 2017 TBC Ian Gallen
Diabetes and Renal Disease This module will cover the diagnosis and management of people with diabetic renal disease. 2017 TBC Ian Gallen
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