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  Newcastle based very low calorie diet (VLCD) to be piloted in Berkshire West.   
​The highly acclaimed and publicised Newcastle based VLCD will be starting in Berkshire West in September. We are excited to be able to progress this pilot so rapidly, following assistance from Alison Barnes in Professor Roy Taylor’s team in Newcastle.

Berkshire West will be one of the very first areas to roll out this programme to patients and the first to use group work to improve the group training programme.
  What is the VLCD and what will it do?  
​The program is 12 weeks of VLCD - 600-800 calories a day, followed by graded food introduction over the year. This has the goal of reversing Type 2 diabetes in more than 80% of people who've had diabetes for under four years.

We are funding this pilot from our Melrose House charitable resources and are greatly assisted by the Newcastle Team and Counterweight, Glasgow.

The programme will be innovative group work which is turning into a bit of a local theme.

The first two groups of 15 people will work will us over the next year.

Inclusion criteria are:
  • Type 2 diabetes of less than four years duration and body mass index of greater than 28 kg/m².
Exclusion criteria are
  • Any psychiatric disorder, particularly bipolar depression and schizophrenia and eating disorders
  • Substance abuse, including alcohol
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Insulin or GLP1 treatment
  • Recent cardiovascular event including heart failure
  • A history of intermittent porphyria
  Preliminary information for patients  
  • Patients will need to purchase the counterweight instruction books which will cost £20 to fund a meal replacement programme which equates to approximately £750 per year.
  • Patients need to understand that this is an arduous programme, the first two weeks are tough going. It gets easier thereafter.
  • Patients complain of hunger (unsurprisingly), weakness, headaches and constipation; the latter is eased by the addition of high-fibre.
​Electronic referrals will be accepted via:

Dr Ian Gallen, or
Dr Aung, 

If we can demonstrate locally that group work is as effective as the one-to-one approach used in Newcastle/ Counterweight then this will be a model provided out on a large scale, equitably across the county.

If you have any questions, please contact: 

Dr Ian Gallen
Consultant Physician Royal Berkshire FT and Community Diabetes Specialist,
​Berkshire West CCGs

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