Diabetes Newsletter – September 2016

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  ​NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP)  
  At least two practices from each CCG in Berkshire West are now referring patients into diabetes healthier youthe NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) – many thanks. The nine-month lifestyle intervention programme is called ‘Healthier You’, and is being delivered locally by Reed Momenta. Gradually all practices will be contacted and invited to participate. Participation means the following:
  1. Conduct a PRIMIS search to identify patients
  2. Send them a letter using a prepared self-populating template (available to all practices on DXS and the clinical system)
  3. If the practice has a Pre-DM clinic, then when you see patients send them to Healthier You as an alternative to Eat4Health, using the DXS template. You can find more details on the diabetes website.  For any queries relating to the NDPP please contact: Edward.clintworth@westberks.gov.uk 
  Insulin Optimisation success  
  The Insulin Optimisation Programme is for people with Type 2 diabetes using insulin, whose HbA1c is ‘out of control’ - defined as >85mmol/mol. A diabetes specialist nurse (DSN) works with a practice nurse in a two-hour session with a small group of suitable patients in the practice. The results show impressive reductions in HbA1c.

Of 87 patients reviewed, there was a mean reduction in HbA1c of 12.4 mmol/mol, with 26 having a reduction of 20mmol/mol or more. One patient dropped his HbA1c from 106 to 60! The knock-on effect of this is reduction in complications including MI and stroke, and admission reduction. Plus, patients actually feel better! Find out more about the programme and book a DSN to come and lead a session in your practice – further details are available on the website. 
  National Diabetes Audit (NDA) Olympic Gold  
  A massive thank you to practices in Berkshire West for achieving a 100% submission of data to the NDA. This really is ‘Olympic Gold’! The target nationally, set by the national directorate for diabetes is 50%, so it's a matter of some pride that Berkshire West practices did so well.  
  More Olympic Gold  
  Approximately 25% of the CCGs in the country use Eclipse as a monitoring tool for diabetes, including of course Berkshire West. Out of those practices, Berkshire West is ranked first for having all eight care processes complete at 47%. The average is only 28%.  Keep up the good work!  
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