Diabetes Newsletter – December 2016

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  Structured Patient Education Read Coding  
​Structured Patient Education (SPE) is a vital part of the offer that we make to people with diabetes. Currently we can offer X-PERT (6 sessions of 2.5 hours each) to people with Type 2 diabetes; and CHOICE (4 days spread over 4 weeks) and CarbAware (3 hour short course) to people with Type 1. All new patients should be offered the opportunity. Currently the offer of SPE is a QOF coding requirement but attendance is not. The result is that, although large numbers of people attend SPE, we cannot show it in the National Diabetes Audit (NDA). Nationally, attendance is recorded at around 5%; in Berkshire it is around 10% but in reality, probably much higher.

NHSE is now asking us to record attendance using four generic Read Codes shown below. You can still use ‘Referred to X-PERT’ if you wish, but the codes below cover all bases. Please use these codes for CHOICE and CarbAware as well. Very soon the letters coming from the SPE provider (BHFT) will start to show this. 

Attended* means attended 1 or more X-PERT sessions; 
Completed means attended 4 or more.
  National Diabetes Audit (NDA) 2015/16 results  
​Preliminary results from the NDA audit for Thames Valley 2015/16 are now available on the diabetes website. Results are available down to practice level. For whatever reason, Berkshire West didn’t shine, although time has moved on and up-to-date results from Eclipse show significant improvements. You might like to have a look at the results, identifying your practice. If results are not so good, then think about ways to improve things, making use of the many services available: arrange an insulin optimisation clinic, request a virtual clinic visit, or refer patients for education – X-PERT, CHOICE, CarbAware
  Care and Support Planning Training January/March 2017  
​Training in Care and Support Planning will be available in the new year. Details can be found here.  Are you new to practice and want to be involved? Training is suitable for practice nurses, GPs and practice pharmacists who are becoming involved in LTC management, including diabetes. 
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