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  Wexham Park lab errors  
As you will be aware, there have been, and continue to be, a wide range of lab report errors since the transfer in January. These also seem to be changing on a weekly basis. We are working with the lab team to correct these and I am aware of two types currently that affect diabetes patients plus an additional one that is reporting non-diabetic patients as diabetic:

(i)  No ACR value given
Values are given for albumin and creatinine but the report states that the ACR cannot be calculated because it is too low (i.e. normal)! See below:

(ii)  ACR miscalculated
The albumin value is incorrectly replaced by the ACR value. The net result is that the ACR is falsely given as a very high reading:

(iii)  Non-diabetic patients labelled as “Diabetic”
Some urine ACRs sent for non-diabetic patients are reported as “diabetic urine sample”. If these patients are ringing for their results, the receptionist could confuse/alarm the patient unintentionally. Many practices also offer online access to results.

UACR is already the most difficult Care Process of the eight to achieve in NDA. If practices do not act, NDA performance will be adversely affected. Practices should identify the patients in (i) and (ii) above and add the code “46TC” with the free text comment “<2”. Unlike QoF this code can be added for 2016-17 retrospectively. If these samples go uncoded, NDA will show that practices have not provided the UACR Care Process to that patient.

The 2016-17 NDA collection period commences on 12th June 2017.
  Diabetes QP Premium 2016-17 results     
Here are the final results for the of the 2016/17 Diabetes QP Premium. You will remember that the target was to reduce the percentage of diabetic patients with an HbA1c > 75mmol/mol by 2% over the year. South Reading and Wokingham practices performed particularly well but unfortunately Wokingham CCG wasn’t participating! North and West Reading achieved the target but unfortunately Newbury did not.

Overall the performance for Berkshire West CCGs was very encouraging, particularly as the total diabetes prevalence continues to rise significantly (up 3.9% 2016-17). All CCGs managed an overall reduction of patients in this category:
  • Newbury and District CCG        -  1% reduction
  • North and West Reading CCG  -  2.2% reduction
  • South Reading CCG                 -  2.4% reduction
  • Wokingham CCG                      -  3.2% reduction
  • Berks West CCGs                     -  2.3% reduction
Please continue the good work.
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