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  Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) for diagnosing gestational diabetes at RBFT  

Good news! The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust are commencing using the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test to diagnose gestational diabetes.

With effect from Monday 15th May, they will no longer be using the PGL Lucozade test. Community midwives will identify patients at risk and organise their routine testing. Patients with risk factors will be offered an OGTT  at 24 – 28 weeks. Patients with history of GDM will be offered a test in early pregnancy and another at 24 – 28 weeks if the first is negative. 

If you identify any patients during their pregnancy who need to have a test for other reasons  (Large for dates, polyhydramnios, glycosuria) and do not have one booked please organise as follows:

  • Please ring the appointments line on 0118 322 7295 and ask for an OGTT appointment. These will run 07.30 – 0900 Monday to Friday. 
  • Appointments will be at the antenatal clinic at the RBH.  
  • Please ask the patient to fast from 10pm the night before.
  • Please ask the patient to NOT BRING CHILDREN as they will be there for up to approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Please do not order any blood test on the system – they will do that to ensure that they all come back to one central pool and therefore all the results can be acted upon appropriately. They will act upon the positive results and provide the newly diagnosed patients with blood glucose meters and plan their care. 

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact: 

Rachel Crowley, Diabetes Specialist Midwife 

  NDA Submission 2016-17  
Data submission for the period 1/1/16 – 31/3/17 will run from 12th June to 21st July 2017 but we would like practices to submit by the end of June please. Prior to that, practices must register and this should be done now (it’s called “data landing” by NHS Digital, formerly known as HSCIC). Even if you registered last year, I am advised that registration has to be updated annually. The link to start the process is available here.
In-putting one’s email results in a link which must be used within one hour. The practice's national code is required.

Please note that NDA Data Submission is now compulsory for practices under the GPC renegotiated GP Contract for 2017. Only three practices out of 50 did not submit data last year.

If you require assistance please contact your Diabetes Lead or Sue Jefferis at Bath Road, Reading via:
Email: susan.jefferis@nhs.net
Phone: 0300 123 5412 (working days Mon-Thurs)
  Lab ACR Issues - an update  
The miscoding issues identified last month’s newsletter have now been rectified. I have been investigating a possible automated software mechanism to retrospectively correct any erroneously coded results in our GP IT systems, both locally and with NDA, but to no avail. Hence, at the current time the only option is for practices to do the work themselves manually, otherwise their NDA data submission performance with regard to ACR will be impaired. Many practices have already done this.

I would like to thank Mark Sleeman, Jane Thomson and Natalie Waterfield for all their input. 
Diabetes Specialist Nurse Hotline: 07879 814922 (Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm) Consultant Hotline: 07717 867448. Email: virtualdiabetes@royalberkshire.nhs.uk
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