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  Diabetic retinopathy attendance rates by practice  
  The latest attendance rates for your patients (Type 1 & 2) at the Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Service are now available and will be sent to practices by their Diabetes Leads. Some practices may look artificially low if the service has just visited your practice or is about to do so. However, practices with rates below 75% may wish to check their administrative systems to ensure coding is occurring accurately and promptly.

We observe that non-attendance is highest in younger patients below the age of 50 years, which is perhaps surprising as they may be considered to be at greatest risk. Dr Phil Haynes at Brookside Surgery is the Berkshire West CCGs' Lead for Eye Screening and suggests that practices may want to audit their practice performance and examine their non-attenders. National guidance recommends practices should achieve ≥ 80% so please look at your practice performance when it arrives imminently.

As a reminder, the Diabetes Leads are as follows:

​You may recollect that retinopathy screening was removed from NDA several years ago hence NDA now reports 8 Care Processes Achievement whereas it used to be 9. Also EMIS and Vision do not show prompts when patients have not attended retinopathy screening therefore clinicians may not appreciate this when consulting.
  NDA Submissions 2016-17   
  The data entry period closes on Friday 28/7/17, having been extended by a week. We are close to a full submission rate in Berkshire West and I would like to thank practices for their co-operation. 

The process has been far more complicated than last year after NDA changed their submission system. This has resulted in a large number of technical difficulties and has been very time consuming for some practices. I would like to thank Sue Jefferis & her team for all their hard work.

I am advised that NDA are planning to introduce an automated data extraction process for next year, which should make life easier!
  Recall of some Novopen Echo & Novopen 5’s  
  You should have received an alert from Novo nordisk about the recall of some NovoPen® Echo® and NovoPen® 5s. If not the notice can be downloaded here.  
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