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  National Diabetes Prevention Programme Update  
Berkshire West in conjunction with Berkshire East is a 1st Wave site. Practices were asked to start referring pre-diabetic patients in July last year and referral numbers have been very good. There is a self-populating referral form on DXS. Patients can also self-refer.

The Provider selected to run the programme by NHS England is Reed Momenta, a branch of the Reed Employment Group. Patients that contact Reed Momenta (RM) are screened and invited to attend an “Initial Assessment (IA)” either at a Lloyds pharmacy or a group run at a local event by RM.

Public Health is the responsible organisation. For some time now, GP Leads have been requesting regular feedback to practices but so far none has materialised. As 2017 progressed it became increasingly clear that RM was failing to provide the service to patients that we had been led to expect and very few programmes had commenced in our area. The programme runs for nine months for each patient group that starts.

I have attended a series of meetings with RM, PHSE and NHS England. It transpires that there have been a series of difficulties within RM and Lloyds chemists, including staff sickness, staff turnover, IT issues and communication failures. RM have fully acknowledged the failings and are determined and motivated to resolve the problems. They have had no experience of running such a programme before, which in my opinion, probably hasn't helped. Unsurprisingly, GP referrals numbers have plummeted recently.

PHSE and RM are working closely to make improvements and we are monitoring the situation. We have again been promised monthly feedback to practices and this will come from PHSE. As was planned, Edward Clintworth has now handed over to a new officer at PHSE, Jenny Willson, who started work last week. Jenny will feedback to practices directly or via GP Leads.

We are very hopeful that NDPP will really get going in Berkshire West in the near future and that practices will be regularly updated on progress.
  NDA Submission for 2016-17 Data  
I am very pleased to announce that all four Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Groups have returned to 100% submission rates after a blip with three practices in South Reading last year. Many thanks to all practices for doing this and persevering when technical problems arose with NDA's IT system. Also many thanks to Sue Jefferis and her team for all their hard work.

I am told by NDA that they have an automated data extraction system they plan to implement next year. I am also advised that NDA Submission will become six monthly rather than annually in the near future.
  More National XPert Awards for BHFT  
We commission an excellent Structured Patient Education course aimed mainly at newly diagnosed Type 2s called XPert. It has strong outcomes based evidence and is run by highly trained HCPs employed by BHFT. The Berkshire West team have won many awards including another three this month. I would like to congratulate them on this outstanding achievement.

Please ensure coding of attendance into your IT systems when the report from BHFT arrives for each patient referred. Because we have not all been coding attendance in the past, all four CCGs appear to have extremely low attendance rates
  Foundation course in diabetes  
The Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse Team have organised two Diabetes Foundation days as part of the BEST 4 Diabetes Modular education programme. 

The October date is now fully booked, but there are still spaces available on the 31st January 2018 in Reading. Further details are available here.

For further details please contact Claire Rowell, Claire.rowell@berkshire.nhs.uk
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