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  Percentage of poorly controlled patients > HbA1c 75 mmol/mol  
Last year, two Berkshire West CCGs chose this as a QP Premium. The latest data for practice achievement in this category is now available here. This runs from a baseline of end March 2017 to the end of September 2017. The great majority of practices have achieved a reduction (highlighted in green) and there has been an overall reduction in all four CCGs.
  Provisional National Diabetes Audit (NDA) data for 2016-17  

The NDA has just released the provisional data, which GP Leads will be sending to their practices. A brief summary is as follows:


Good performance:

All four Berkshire West CCGs improving Treatment Target (TT) attainment for Type 1 and Type 2.

North and West Reading best CCG in Thames Valley for:
  1. T1 TTs
  2. T1 chol < 5
  3. T2 Care Processes
Wokingham best CCG for in Thames Valley for T1 BP.
  1. T1 - all CCGs improving attainment for BP and HbA1c (except SR in latter only)
  2. T2 – all CCGs improving attainment for BP and HbA1c 
Areas for improvement:
  • Cholesterol attainment lower than last year in all four CCGs for both T1 and T2.
  • Newbury improving performance for TTs in T2 but still lowest in Thames Valley, but around the mean for T1.
  • T1 attainment still lagging behind T2 overall. 
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