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  Carb Aware  
The commissioning of Carb Aware has now been brought in-house by the Berkshire West CCGs (it was formerly pharma industry sponsored) and is now open for referrals again. It is intended for people with Type 1 diabetes on a multiple daily insulin injection therapy and teaches carbohydrate counting.

CHOICE is the gold standard course for people with Type 1 diabetes, but is a 4 day course.  Carb Aware is a shorter course for those that can’t dedicate the time, thus improving uptake of structured patient education.  Approximately 12% patients never adjust their insulin dose and hence have suboptimal control.

Main points:
  1. Short intensive course (3 hours)
  2. Small group (up to 8 patients)
  3. Run by a diabetes specialist nurse and dietitian
  4. Complements CHOICE
  5. Teaches carbohydrate content of food and how to adjust insulin dosing accordingly
  6. Improves the understanding of the interaction between diet and insulin
  7. Audit results show improved HbA1c and patient confidence in adjusting their insulin levels
  8. Referral form on DXS
  9. Please code attendance (or otherwise) at CarbAware as you do for XPert and CHOICE
  10. Evidenced approach based on the BolusCal study (Schmidt et al Diabetes Care 2012)
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